Monday, 2 March 2015

Post Holi Care

Holi one of the most important Indian festival is just few days away and everybody is gearing up for the fun day ahead. But playing holi has its own consequences! 

With all those fun and colourful moments spent on the day of holi leaves you, your skin, hair etc in distress. Chemicals have enough time to have fun and destroy your skin until you finally reach up to cleaning process. We all make sure to get down with care, but what to do after the event? What to do with that post mess we have to deal with? How to remove the stubborn colour off your skin? How to protect the delicate skin we have?

Here are few ways to restore the harm caused by the holi colours and events:-

1)   Teeth: Hard to believe but all that dancing under colourful water spraying showers or a friend smudging  colour on the face could accidentally get into your mouth, and those chemicals are capable of damaging  your teeth. So, make sure you brush your teeth and clean your mouth properly after the event.

2)   Skin: You wanted to play holi and you did and now you cannot take off all the colours right away, even if you have applied oil before playing, it is still possible that it will stick to your body. Have some patience it will not go away in one move. It will take 2-3 days to completely vanish. So don’t go crazy over washing your body over and over again with soap and water because you are just making it more dry, which you should not. Chemicals have already made your skin dry, don’t help them more!

3)   Face: Be gentle with your face. Skin there is very delicate and excess washing can take away the moisture required to heal the post holi skin. Time will take away the colours, just don’t scrub too hard to clean it. Use cleansing milk after washing face,then apply moisturizing cream.

4)   Hair: Similar to your other parts of body chemicals ruined you hair too. Don’t over wash. Use shampoo 2-3 times, not more than that. It could dry your scalp and make it irritable too! Use a good conditioner after that. Once hair completely dries, make sure you apply coconut oil to keep them healthy. Help them to regain what they have lost!

5)   Nails: If you have long nails I will advice to clip it and apply nail paint before playing holi. If you didn’t follow the former then make sure you cut them later because the cuticles and the nails are badly affected by the colours. It will make your nails weak and dull looking. Also let the nails breath. Don’t coat it with nail paint for few days.
6) Nourish yourself: After having a long and stressful bath make sure that you help the skin to heal the dryness by applying a good moisturizer and by applying lip balm to make your lips supple again.

7)   Heal the wounds: If you happen to get hurt or wound yourself then clean the wound properly and apply a good antiseptic cream or turmeric to heal them. Don’t leave them open. We all have experienced this when we run away from our friends and family who are trying to smear colour on us ( Hahaha..that moment though :D)

8)   Consult a doctor: If you encounter with any sever reactions of the colours then it is better to consult a doctor and treat it as soon as possible.

I hope this will help you to get out the post holi mess and distress. Enjoy the festival and play safely. Happy Holi!! :)

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  1. I got to see a small Holi celebration, although I didn't know it at the time, a few years back and it looked really fun. I didn't know that the colors could have damaging chemicals. Thanks for the tips! I hope one year I get to experience it again and join in on the celebration! :D

    1. Yes, Perla celebration is way too much fun! :D Nowadays herbal colours are hitting the market but still there are some people who play with the colours which contain chemicals. It will take couple more years to totally wipe out chemical colours and rely on herbal colours only. I hope that till then these tips would help. You should join the celebration sometimes, and I really hope that you get to experience it real soon!! :) Thanks for reading!! :)

  2. Hi, great post, wonderful blog. I would like to follow each other. if you want, let me know


    1. Hey!! :) Thank you so much!! I would love to follow you too!! :D BTW just followed you on Google+ :)