Monday, 26 January 2015

Hey Beautiful!!!!!


How regularly do you get called beautiful? Do you keep asking your mirror who is the most beautiful in the world? Do you feel beautiful? What is your definition of beautiful?

Yup.!! So true.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bathroom: teen’s own little world.!!

As the title suggests and as the reality goes we all can agree with it. Let’s be real we all have been through this. Have we not? It’s our own little peaceful world where we teens take life changing and some so called important decisions. It’s not gross at all, no its not!!  We all have the tendency to put on our thinking caps when we are most relaxed and comfortable. And it’s not wrong to think in the bathroom. In my opinion when hot cascading water (if its winter!! :P) gushes down you, aromatic soaps and shampoo and somewhat peaceful ambiance for our grey cells, that makes a perfect combination for calm and composed thinking. Don’t they?

Apart from thinking out loud we do get all of a sudden talented and artistic. Those minutes dedicated to self is enjoyable and eye opener somehow. And no matter what, it all gives a sense of pleasure, since we all get our own time and we put our every effort to make the best of it. So here are some of the stuff we generally tend to do in BATHROOM:- 

1.   Singers: This is the most common outcome in there. We all become Beyonce and Gaga and rap it like Eminem and Pitbull. We grab a shampoo bottle and create our own concert show and sometimes our own melodies!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

How to stick with New Year’s resolutions???

Jeez...2015 finally rolled in!!! Is it just me or everybody feels that 2014 was real quick? 2014 may have proved lucky for some people and a little unlucky for others. Many have accomplished a lot or accomplished a little less and some may have lost in some way or the other. We all spent another year trying to know ourselves better and we must have come to conclusions that we do have some bad practice which needs to be altered. Don’t we? Some start the drill right away and some realized it too late and like to switch to good practices freshly in New Year AKA New Year’s resolutions!