Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Layering Fashion


Winter cannot stop us!!! :P


It’s already December! Bone chilling winter has hit India by now. Fashion now fades under layers of sweaters, jackets and sweatshirt. And we all want to still stand in this glamour arena. Isn’t it? No worries! Fash can be restored. Here are some tips which can still beautify you this season.

1.        Instead of wearing the old regular jackets and sweatshirts go for a little trendy leather and denim jackets. It will protect you from those chilly winds and also give you that classy look.

2.        Switch the sweater looks with finely knit cardigan. Try turtle neck sweaters for a change.

3.        Get hold of some warm and furry scarves. Infinity scarves are current trend!

4.        To protect cold feet wear some fussy socks and ankle length boots. Knee high boots and knee high socks will do equal good. It all depends on the outfit. Customize accordingly.

5.         Shield your ears by putting on woolen hair bands (let it go over your hairs for warm ears). Beanies will be better for that edgy and more protected look.

6.        Crop sweaters can really spice up the look. Dress them up with high waist jeans or anything high waist can really do wonders with the entire outfit.

7.        Finely knit tops can also protect you this season. It will give you a sweater free yet warm feeling.

I hope it gave you some ideas to still look a little fashionable this winter. Hope you liked it. Let me know by commenting below.  :)


  1. I loved this post! These are some great ideas for layering, I want to try to wear more edgy jackets like the ones you mentioned! :D


    1. Thank you for reading. I am glad it helped you.!! :) :) :)